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Just a few simple steps to start contributing to a tailored GreenShares plan. Make your money work both for you and the planet by acquiring shares in eco-investing companies.

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One Green
Step at a Time

Your Green Contribution
Subscribe to a GreenShares plan. Select the eco-investing company you want to invest in and your monthly contribution. And acquire shares of the company of your choice.

Flexibility is key, you can adjust, take a break, or withdraw at any moment.
Your Green Shares
Depending on your GreenShares plan selection, you can acquire shares and become a shareholder in 3 different company

ESi Bond - ESi Stock - ESi Activist.

Each share value is determined by the collective net asset value of each company.
Your Green Investments
Depending on shares acquired, the capital raised from shares purchasing will be invested and allocated as followed:

ESi Bonds: international, regional and local green bonds
ESi Stock: in regional green publicly traded companies
ESi Activist: in a regional green activist and venture investment fund
Your Green Impact
By investing in the green economy, you can help mitigate the effects of climate change, create green jobs and contribute to an healthier environment.

The longer you invest and keep your shares, the greater your impact and the greener your money becomes.
Different shares for different people

Choose What You Own

We offer three companies to invest in:

ESi Bonds – ESi Stock – ESi Activist

These options align with various green objectives and come with different levels of risk. Contribute to one, two, or all three, and adjust your investment as desired each month to suit your needs.
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ESi Bonds
By acquiring ESi Bonds shares, you invest your capital in international, national, regional, and municipal green bonds. It's a way for investors to support sustainability while still seeking relative financial security.

ESi Bonds are for shareholders that prefer to have a peace of mind with steady returns in alignment with their green values.
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ESi Stocks
By acquiring ESi Stock shares, you invest your capital in green listed companies that make environmental sustainability the core of their business or in companies who are industry leaders in reducing their carbon footprint and implementing sustainable business practices.

Investing in ESi Stock makes a green impact in the private corporate sector. It comes with higher risk and potentially higher returns.
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ESi Activist
By acquiring ESi Activist shares, you invest your capital in voting shares rights and venture as activist investors to promote and advocate environmental sustainability through shareholding activism.

ESi is for shareholders that want to disrupt the current status quo, no matter the risk. 

Green over greed!
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A community of eco-investors
Invest, Own & Earn Green
A positive impact on the world while saving for the future!
Investing in the green economy helps mitigate the effects of climate change and create new green job opportunities. Additionally, eco-investment offers potential green returns and converts your money into green money, reducing your future carbon footprint spendings.
Become a green shareholder to own eco-investing companies
You become a shareholder by contributing to an ESi Company. As a shareholder, you own shares of the  company and 96% of the capital is invested. Overtime, capital assets become more valuable, and therefore your shares value too.
The longer you keep your shares,
the greener your money becomes!
You save for your future while making a positive impact on the environment by choosing to buy shares in eco-investing companies. Our strategy ensures that the longer you keep your funds with us, the greener your money becomes.