Different Shares for Different People

Contributing to an ESi Companies makes you a shareholder. Holding these shares means you own a portion of the eco-investing company. Your shares value grows over time and becomes greener the longer you hold onto it.
We offer three companies to invest in:
ESi Bonds– ESi Stock – ESi Activist.

These options align with various green objectives and come with different levels of risk

Shareholders can choose to contribute to one, two, or all three investment options, and can adjust their investments each month to meet their changing needs and preferences.

With this model, investors create a personalized investment strategy that is aligned with their financial goals and values.
Monthly Contribution
  • x % ESi Bond
  • y % ESi Stock
  • z % ESi Activist
Minimum of 50EUR/month per plan selected
ESi Bond
ESi Bond shares allow individuals to invest their capital in Green Bonds. These bonds are issued by government entities and invested internationally, regionally, and locally.

Shareholders support sustainability and receive steady financial returns.

ESi Bond is for shareholders that prefer security and peace of mind with steady returns.
  • 50% international green bonds
  • 25% national green bonds
  • 25% municipal or provincial green bonds*
*depending on availability and contribution size
ESi Stock
The capital invested from ESi Stock shares is invested in listed companies. These companies either have sustainability as the central focus of their business operations or are leaders in reducing their carbon footprint and implementing sustainable business practices.

However, it's important to note that ESi Stock is considered a high-risk investment. The potential for higher returns comes with a higher level of uncertainty and volatility.

ESi Stock is for shareholders wanting to make a green impact in the corporate sector with higher risk and an opportunity for higher returns and impact.
  • 50% green focused listed companies
  • 50% green industry leaders listed companies
ESi Activist
ESi Activist capital will invest in purchasing voting shares rights in companies that could do better with their green efforts in their respective industries. Or in venture with high green potential return. This  to strengthen efforts in promoting environmental sustainability to companies from within and promote new green tech or business model.

It is important to note that ESi Activist may come with a high level of risk, as the investor is advocating for changes that may be unpopular within the company or in company with highly innovative with little or no track record.

ESi is for shareholders that want to disrupt the current status quo, no matter the risk. Green over greed!
  • 50% Activist Shares Investment*
    50% Activist Venture Investment*
*The fund will only diversify when funds are big enough